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Discover our playful new look


We’re explorers, we love changes of scene and new-ness! But, while our trips and destinations have continued to evolve over the years, and we’ve been excited to bring in new things where they’ve brought benefits for our travelers, we as a brand have looked decidedly the same. We felt now was a good time for a little… rejuvenation! And we’re incredibly excited to share it with you.

Our new logo and wee hand-drawn features better reflect our playful nature and human tone, as well as the kind of personal, hand-crafted adventures we offer. Our colors are fresher, our fonts less formal. And one of our favorite human traits is humor. So you’ll see plenty of this from us too. 

We hope you will enjoy our new look and - if you're interested - the below short animation goes into it in a little more detail. 

On a housekeeping note, we don't believe in throwing perfectly good things away, so you may still come across our old designs from time to time as we use up existing material. 


New Brochure 2024/2025

Discover your next adventure in our new brochure, which offers over 350 trips worldwide, including some incredible new trips for 2024. Whether you are looking for a trip where you can immerse yourself in the local community or an active trip involving some of the best hiking and epic cycling routes, we have every trip type to suit your adventure needs.
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New Magazine - Issue 3

We couldn't contain our excitement with just a fresh look and a new brochure. So, with immense passion and energy, we decided to throw in the next issue of our magazine as well! Because, why not?

Get straight into the fun stuff! Check out the top highlights in this issue:

1. Top tips for solo travellers
2. Family adventures in Thailand
3. Spotlight on Belize
4. Walking holidays for beginners

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Watch us on TV!

Our TV ad profiles Kate and her daughter Mia. A taxi pulls up outside their home and they’re both buzzing with excitement. Kate puts down her tea and fusses over Mia, reminding her to be careful and to look after herself. The story then plays out with a reminder to feed Pebbles, providing a little twist.


This ad challenges the norm of teens and young adults being the ones exploring the world and having these big adventures’ says Managing Director Michael Edwards. ‘We are a really inclusive company, and know that travellers in their 40s, 50s, and more, are adventurous and travelling in great numbers’

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An adventure travel company you can trust

There's a reason why 98% of customers say they'd book an adventure with us again.

Unforgettable experiences

From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you've really explored.

Expert tour leaders

Chosen for their great knowledge of your destination and a passion to make your trip extraordinary.

Small groups

Average groups of 11; solos, couples and friends, united by a desire for authentic experiences.

Responsible at heart

How we operate sets us apart; our flexible booking policy, our loyalty scheme & sustainable approach.

Our values

Our brand rejuvenation is about more than how we look and sound - it's also about how we work. At Explore, we live and work by a simple yet vibrant set of values. We're all about making a positive impact. We're curious, ambitious, and lightning-quick to adapt. We tirelessly refine our business and create unforgettable experiences for those who trust us with their journeys.

We celebrate diversity because it's the spice of life, and we embrace challenges with respect and kindness. We believe this is the way to grow, both our business and our relationships, so we can sit down for a drink together at the end of the day. In a world full of possibilities, we have one mantra: BE BETTER than yesterday.


Our ethical marketing guidelines

We’ve created an ethical marketing policy because we think it’s important to discuss, consider, and declare our expectations of ourselves. We're all about setting some ground rules to keep ourselves in check and make sure we're walking the talk.

We’ve thought about what ‘behaving well’ as a human being looks like, and how that manifests itself when we’re acting as a company. We're all about embracing change because what's "right" or "best practice" today might be old news tomorrow! So, this document isn't gathering dust on the shelf, marked "done that." Nope, it's a living, breathing, evolving masterpiece and we're going to keep it handy, use it, shake things up, and give it a facelift when it needs one.

Our mission? To do right by both people and our lovely planet, and to keep pushing ourselves to be even better than we were yesterday