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About our Private Tours

If you’re ready to get travelling again, but would prefer to travel without the group, our new private tours might be just what you’re looking for. We’ve hand chosen dozens of our bestselling destinations and created new private tours we know you’ll love. Whether you’d like an active holiday in Turkey with the family, canoeing over sunken ruins and walking in the Taurus mountains; want to self-drive around the sites of Iceland’s Golden Circle, or dream of exploring Japan by train – our private tours give you the flexibility to travel with those closest to you, at a date and time that suits you.

The key difference between Private Tours and our small group tours is that you won’t have a Tour Leader with you. Instead you’ll have private guides for the various sites and activities, and very often a driver too. Just how much support there is will depend on the exact destination and trip you choose.

Our trips are ideal for couples, families, small groups of friends or even solo travellers. Our prices, which you’ll see clearly displayed on the trip pages, have been calculated based on just two people travelling (or four on our family trips), but we’ll give you an accurate cost for your party when you enquire.

Grab your nearest and dearest – or go solo – and get ready for your next adventure!

Popular Private Tours

Costa Rica Discovery Trip code PTCC
12 Days From CHF 3487 without flights
Georgia Discovery Trip code PTGEO
9 Days From CHF 1884 without flights
Romania Discovery Trip code PTROM
8 Days From CHF 2092 without flights
Sri Lanka Discovery Trip code PTSL
15 Days From CHF 2784 without flights
Japan Discovery Trip code PTQJS
14 Days From CHF 5233 without flights
Iceland Discovery Trip code PTIHY
4 Days From CHF 1115 without flights
Morocco Discovery Trip code PTMR
14 Days From CHF 2358 without flights
Turkey Private Tours Trip code PTFLL
8 Days From CHF 872 without flights
Ukraine Discovery Trip code PTKCY
5 Days From CHF 1319 without flights

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