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Explore Polar Experts

Explore has a team of polar experts waiting to talk to you about your voyage to Antarctica or the Arctic. Many of us have travelled to the poles, gaining first-hand knowledge of the region and the vessels you’ll be travelling on. We can help you make the best decision on which trip and which ship to go on, ensuring you have the journey of a lifetime. To contact our polar team for more information or to book a trip call 0844 875 1895 or email

Sarah Slocomb – Senior Regional Specialist

Sarah travelled to the Arctic in July 2011 she says: “Sailing through the Arctic made me feel like I was on the edge of the world; nobody else in sight and icebergs for miles around. I have never experienced anything as magical as spotting my first polar bear; seeing her walking across the ice with her two cubs just took my breath away.”

Jayne Smith – Customer Sales and Support Manager

Jayne travelled to the Arctic aboard the Expedition in August 2015 and shares these thoughts of her trip: “I am so grateful to have been able to experience the pristine beauty of the Arctic. The wildlife sightings were incredible – seeing polar bears and walrus in their natural environment was so special. My highlight was the scenery, particularly the ice. So many shades of blue and different textures – just amazing.”

Vanessa Fowler – Polar Product Specialist

Vanessa travelled to Antarctica during the whale season in February 2006: “After returning from Antarctica, I wondered what else could compare; seeing crab-eater seals basking on pristine ice floes, penguin colonies a hundred-deep and the privileged feeling of being somewhere so beautiful and remote. My fondest memory of all was being inches away from a curious humpback, swimming between our Zodiacs, fluking her tail as if playing to the crowd - it was such a peaceful sight, one that will stay with me forever.”

Melissa Garland – Customer Sales Consultant

Melissa travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula and loved every second of her time in Antarctica: "As we journeyed to the bottom of the globe, we experienced our first 360 degree horizon. Humpback and minke whales accompanied us for a while, and albatrosses swooped at the stern. First, came tabular icebergs, then penguins porpoising out of the waves in the distance; land wasn’t far away. Before long, we caught our first glimpse of the White Continent and the Zodiacs were ready to transport us, across the choppy waves, to this precious wonderland. As for our first steps on Antarctica and the smell of the chinstrap colony; one word - breathtaking!”

Tanya Marchetti - Head of Customer Services

Tanya travelled to Antarctica in January 2011: “I had high expectations of Antarctica, particularly as it was my honeymoon, and they were smashed! Never would I have thought that I’d be lucky enough to witness eight orcas using a penguin as a tool to train their young – a highlight, albeit slightly cruel, that will remain embedded in my memory for the rest of my life.”

Hannah Green – Adventure Travel Consultant

Hannah has travelled to both the Norwegian Arctic and also to Antarctica, aboard the M/V Polar Pioneer. Here’s what she thought of her trip to the bottom of the World… “Arriving into Antarctica I was overwhelmed by the vast emptiness and isolation. Being surrounded by towering icebergs was an experience I’ll never forget but the highlight for me was the wildlife, with one of my best memories watching a pod of Orca from the boat.”

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