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Experiences Polar Voyages

Polar Voyages

Embark on a polar holiday with Explore, a must for wildlife-lovers. Go polar bear watching on an Arctic expedition cruise or photograph penguins and seals on an Antarctica trip. Whichever icy destination you opt for, you won't regret it.

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About our Polar Voyages

Explore’s range of polar voyages are designed to give you authentic polar experiences. These are the most awe-inspiring and rewarding journeys you will ever make. If you enjoy wildlife and wilderness, and if you want to have an experience which is second to none, the polar regions should not be missed. Choose from the Arctic – home to polar bears and walrus – or Antarctica for towering icebergs and busy penguin rookeries.

While you're in the Arctic or Antarctica, you'll be wowed by the wildlife, scenery and history of the region. All of our polar ships have a team of on-board expedition staff who'll make this incredible journey with you, bringing the nature to life and sharing their expert knowledge and years of experience in the polar regions. 

Most of our ships carry between 65-135 passengers. Travelling on a small ship is more relaxed and informal; you'll receive a personalised service from expert guides and get to know your fellow passengers. 

All of our polar cruises have a team of expert on-board expedition staff who’ll make this incredible journey with you. They are there to answer your questions, and fuel your knowledge and imagination with presentations and lectures about the Arctic or Antarctica.

Our most popular polar voyages

Antarctica, Argentina Polar Trip code GMAX
13 Days From CHF 16964 without flights
Greenland, Iceland Polar Trip code GMAC
24 Days From CHF 22779 without flights
14 Days From CHF 10146 without flights
21 Days From CHF 21757 without flights
Argentina Polar Trip code USCA
10 Days From CHF 5567 without flights
12 Days From CHF 11277 without flights

Frequently asked questions about Explore's polar voyages

When is the best time to go to the Arctic?
Our Arctic voyages run between May and September, when up to 24-hour daylight can be experienced, allowing you to make the most of every minute on board. If you travel early in the season, you're likely to see more ice. Go in July or August for the best chance of navigating Spitsbergen, as the ice starts to break up. 

When is the best time to go to Antarctica?
Our voyages to Antarctica take place between October and March. Early in the season, during October and November, pack ice is breaking up and the birds are mating, sometimes displaying elaborate courtship rituals. Travel in December or January to see penguin chicks hatching and newborn seal pups, while February and March are when various whale species gather and when you can venture deeper into Antarctica as the sea ice thaws. 

How many people travel on a polar cruise expedition?
Most of our ships carry between 65-135 passengers. On a small ship, the whole experience tends to be more flexible and personalised. You'll spend less time waiting to embark or disembark for shore landings, plus the ship is able to get much closer to the action - whether to the amazing wildlife or the spectacular scenery. 

What are the ships like?
Our polar expedition ships are not luxurious like cruise liners but they are all are comfortable and sensibly kitted out for expedition voyages in polar conditions. The latest ships are built with wide glass windows and viewing platforms for the best panoramas of the unique landscapes and the best chances to spot the polar wildlife. Many also have libraries and science centres where you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge about these spectacular areas of the world and chat with the experts. Find out more about each vessel on our polar expedition ships page.