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Multi-activity family holidays

Are you looking for an action-packed family adventure? Experience multiple activities from sea kayaking, whitewater rafting and SUPing, to zip wiring, mountain biking and cross country skiing. Our multi-activity family holidays offer plenty of new experiences.
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Small group active family adventures

Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting along the Noguera River in the Pyrenees. Go mountain biking in the picturesque Garfagnana Valley in Tuscany. Or for a winter treat, have a go at cross-country skiing by the beautiful Dunajec River on the Slovakia/Poland border.

Feeling brave? Climb an active volcano or search for crocodile in the mangrove-lined forests in Nicaragua. Or for the wild at heart, look out for the world’s weird and wonderful creatures, such as howler monkey, sloth and beautifully-coloured birds, in the Costa Rican Rainforest.

Enjoy your multi-activity holiday at the best pace for your family. Our trips are graded from Relaxed to Full-On. Whatever the pace, our expert local tour leaders will make sure that you get the most out of your chosen destination and our average family small group size is just 12 to 18 people.

Our most popular family multi-activity tours

Best Seller
8 Days From CHF 629 without flights
Best Seller
8 Days From CHF 1480 without flights
Best Seller
8 Days From CHF 1251 without flights
Portugal Family Trip code FPR
8 Days From CHF 1546 without flights
8 Days From CHF 1434 without flights
Poland, Slovakia Family Trip code FPW
8 Days From CHF 1742 without flights

Best multi-activity family holiday destinations

1. Explore the Croatian islands by kayak

On our Croatian Island Adventure, you’ll sea kayak to the island of Sunj Beach on Lopud, where you'll get the chance to relax with some fun beach games. There's also time to swim, snorkel, and jump from rocks before taking a short walk to our base for the night on the island. 

2. Zip-wire through the forests of Sicily

Discover our Sicily Multi-Activity Adventure and spend a day in the wooded landscapes of the Madonie Advenure Park near Petralia Sottana. Brave the assault course through the trees with it’s zip-lines, rope ladders and ‘Tibetan bridges’. You’ll be spending the night amongst the trees too, in a tree tent set six meters off the ground. There are tents on the ground too for those who prefer to be closer to the floor!

3. Discover the sunken ruins of Kekova 

Sea kayak in the calm, protected waters of the bay of Kekova. One of the most scenic areas in Lycia with picturesque islands, bays and small ancient cities surrounding the famous sunken city of Kekova. Paddle across the crystal clear waters and you’ll see partly submerged streets and buildings visible beneath you. Later, paddle to the nearby whitewashed village of Simena and visit the hilltop castle. You’ll explore Kekova as part of our Family Turkey Coastal Adventure

Frequently asked questions about our multi-activity Family adventures

How much activity is there on a multi-activity family holiday?
Our multi-activity family holidays are graded from Relaxed to Full-On. Our Relaxed trips have easy-going activities and experiences with plenty of time to explore by yourself. Our Full-On trips are perfect for families who like their holidays packed with activities and experiences. Many of our trips are graded as Moderate which is somewhere in between.

How many other families will there be on a multi-activity family trip?
You’ll generally travel with three to five other families which gives a group size of between 12 to 18 people including children. In our experience, we have found that this is the perfect size for meeting new people whilst getting to the heart of our destination. 

How old are the children on a multi-activity family adventure?
Most of our multi-activity family trips have a minimum age of seven on date of departure. This is to make sure that everyone in the family can enjoy the activities and experiences on offer. Some of our trips have a minimum age of 11 and these suit families with teenagers and older children best.

What is the accommodation like on a multi-activity family tour?
We carefully select accommodation which balances comfort with location. This means that you’ll generally stay in three-star accommodation with en suite facilities. You’ll only stay in a tent if that’s the best way to experience your destination. We’ll work with you to make sure that you get the best room option for your family, whether that’s a single, double or triple room option.

What insurance do I need on a multi-activity family trip?
Travel insurance is an important part of any holiday. Make sure that yours covers all countries and activities you plan to visit and take part in on your trip.

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