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Destinations Central America

Tours to Central America

Latin America is covered in volcanoes and lush rainforests, with music that follows you everywhere. From wildlife-filled Costa Rica to foodie paradise Mexico, our holidays to Central America cover the must-sees and must-dos of this diverse continent.

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Central America

Discover our Central America tours

A hybrid of Caribbean, Latin and American cultures, Central America is a rich melting pot of breathtaking tropical scenery, exotic wildlife, colonial history, vibrant festivals and delicious food. 

Central America is renowned for its verdant jungles, lush rainforests and lava fields. Head to Costa Rica to explore a labyrinth of jungle waterways in the 'mini Amazon' of Tortuguero, and discover a fertile land brimming with exotic wildlife, white-sand beaches and tropical rainforests on our Belize tours. Or peer into the swirling red heart of Masaya Volcano and cruise through the vast azure waters of Lake Nicaragua on our authentic Nicaragua adventures.

This diverse region is also home to an abundance of exotic wildlife. Dive beneath the surface to explore an underwater world of turtle, ray and shark in Belize, and look out for slow-moving sloth, colourful toucan and white-faced capuchin monkey in Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park

Go back in time on a tour of discovery through the ancient heartlands of Aztec, Zapotec and Maya civilisations; explore the timeworn pyramid of Chichen Itza and celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico. Wander along old colonial streets and explore ancient churches within a verdant volcano valley in Guatemala, or head to Honduras to walk in the footsteps of the Maya, visit the Copan ruins and explore the bustling markets. 

Immerse yourself in the aromatic flavours of Central America’s food on our small group tours. Cook up sweet-and-sour mole, spicy stuffed chillies and homemade tacos in Mexico, and listen out for the clapping sound of delicious stuffed pupusas being made on market stalls in El Salvador.

Our most popular Central America tours

Costa Rica Wildlife Trip code CC
Best seller
15 Days From CHF 2929 without flights
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras Discovery Trip code CAQ
16 Days From CHF 2790 without flights
Belize, Guatemala Discovery Trip code BL
Best seller
13 Days From CHF 2929 without flights
Costa Rica, Nicaragua Walking and Trekking Trip code NCR
15 Days From CHF 2756 without flights
Belize, Guatemala, Mexico Discovery Trip code MX
Best seller
15 Days From CHF 2231 without flights
Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras Discovery Trip code CAE
25 Days From CHF 4185 without flights

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Travelling to Central America with Explore at any time of year is a fascinating experience, and in reality there is no 'best time' to visit the region, as each country differs so massively from top to bottom.

In some countries, like Costa Rica, the different coasts and rainforest areas have different climates even within the same month. On an Explore holiday to Costa Rica we tend to see the majority of travellers during December to March, which is commonly seen as the 'Dry Season' in Central America. However, the 'Rainy Season' months of April to July can still be a great time to visit Costa Rica with only showers punctuating the day, and the rest of the time the jungles are beautifully green.

September to early November is often the hurricane season for the Caribbean coast areas of Belize down to Costa Rica, and the weather at this time is often hot and humid. However, that's not to say that it isn't a good time to visit the interiors of these countries.

The Easter period can often be a busy time to visit Central American cities, but very worthwhile to see the colourful festivities particularly in Guatemala.

In sum, a holiday to Central America will fit your requirements at any time of year, with a country for every season!

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