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Ten unusual trips to book in March

From camping beside the 'Door to Hell' to watching a solar eclipse in Patagonia, we've picked our top unusual experiences to book in March.
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1. Highlights of Lebanon

Explore the ruins of Baalbek, the jewel in Lebanon’s crown, and let ancient history come alive as you learn of all those who came before you: Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Ottomans to name a few.
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2. The Five Stans of The Silk Road

Enjoy a very apt barbecue dinner as you camp beside the imposing 'Door to Hell', the underground cavern that's been aflame since 1971. The burning fires will be all the more mesmerising to watch after nightfall.
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3. Wine & Landscapes of Argentina

Imagine a film set of long, empty roads carving through bizarre red rock formations and colourful gorges – add some seriously good food and wineries stretching for miles, and you might have an idea of Argentina’s northwest.  
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4. Madagascar Wilderness Trek

Walk past waterfalls tumbling down granite rockfaces, and through a lunar-like plateau on the ascent of Pic Imarivolanitra in Andringitra National Park, ‘Madagascar’s Yosemite’. Watch the clouds part to reveal views stretching to the Indian Ocean.
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5. Cycle Cuba!

Enjoy an ice-cold mojito on the rooftop of the Palacio del Valle in Cienfuegos. The beautiful Moorish architecture of this historic villa make it stand out among the more classic design of the neighbouring buildings. Listen to live music as you catch up on the day’s experiences.
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6. Trek Patagonia and Solar Eclipse

Get a once-in-a-lifetime view of a breathtaking solar eclipse in western Argentina. We'll be watching in the middle of the zone of totality, surrounded by wide open skies, allowing optimal viewing and joined by a local astronomer who will share his wisdom about the eclipse phenomenon. 
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7. Land of the Midnight Sun

Stand on the black sand beach at Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, known locally as diamond beach, where the sand is littered with chunks of ice that sparkle like jewels in the sunlight.
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8. Family Nicaragua Multi-Activity Adventure

At the end of a two-week active adventure that’ll see you kayaking on Lake Nicaragua, climbing an active volcano and zip-wiring through tree canopies, spend three days on Corn Island. Home to crystal clear waters and miles of white sandy beaches, this little slice of paradise is the ideal spot for some well-deserved R & R before you return home.
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9. Cycle Poland - Gdansk and the Baltic Coast

Cycle past pristine beaches and the along Hel Peninsula, a 35km long sand bar. Keep an eye out for hints of amber along the way, as this area is rich with the fossilised tree resin, known as the 'Gem of the Baltic'. At the end of the ride along the peninsula we take a water tram to Gdansk. 
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10. Discover Chernobyl

Spend an exciting long weekend that's a far cry from your typical city break. We'll be accompanied by a local guide to explore the incredible abandoned sites reclaimed by nature in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which was created when the Number 4 reactor exploded back in 1986.
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