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Spreading the Love in Borneo

If Explore gave you £1000 to start a new, local and responsible project, what would you do?

This is the question we sent out to all of our agents across the world back in October 2016, searching for something that would be sustainable and contribute positively towards the environments and communities in which we work.

So many of our agents already do fantastic and inspirational work within their local economies and we wanted to celebrate this by supporting new projects; one of which is in Borneo.

Since October, our agent in Borneo has been quietly working away behind the scenes alongside locals from Kiau village. The village has an abundance of pineapples and tomatoes (more than they knew what to do with!). After conducting some surveys they found a market for sambal - a hot relish made with vegetables or fruit and spices.

From ‘The Kitchen of Kiau Taburi Village’ we’re very pleased to present … Spread The Love!

The £1000 funds have so far been used to purchase packaging, jars and a vacuum pack machine, and pay the local farmers of Kiau village for harvesting their pineapples and tomatoes. The villagers have also received some training in culinary skills to assist with their venture.

Last month they launched their product at a local district tourism event in Kota Belud – and they sold out!

Their aim now is to increase exposure of their new products and brand, and eventually to visit bigger markets and tourism events. As the project grows it will allow more people to get involved and benefit. Staff in the Explore office are hoping to get some of the sambal back here soon for a tasting session!

A huge well done to everyone from Kiau village for their hard work so far. We’re excited to watch your project develop!

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