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Journeying through Jordan

Get the lowdown on how to spend nine days in Jordan, whether you're going alone or with family and friends in tow. We caught up with fellow Explorer Emily for her take on our Jordan Discovery tour.
Written by Aimee White who interviewed Emily
Date Published: 10 June 2024
Our Jordan tours are ideal for every traveller, whether you want to sleep beneath the stars in Wadi Rum or go snorkelling in the Red Sea. Spend just over a week in this beautiful Middle Eastern destination and you'll be rewarded with ancient sites, friendly locals and underwater activities. We were lucky enough to catch up with Emily, who joined our best-selling Jordan Discovery trip. Read on to discover how she found her first small group tour:

How did you find your tour leader?

Abdallah was brilliant. He made the trip, from sharing his wealth of knowledge about Jordan to getting us into places that tourists aren't usually allowed in. 

This was my first group tour, and found it much easier compared to backpacking, because everything is handled for you, from getting picked up at the airport to following pre-planned itineraries. It meant I could focus on the destination rather than battling the logistics. 

Abdallah also trains other tour leaders, so he really knows his stuff. I'm not surprised that he was named as Explore's Tour Leader of the Year 2023

What's different about this tour?

This Jordan tour has a jam-packed itinerary, and we stay in a range of accommodation, from premium and comfortable hotels to a unique camping experience. In return, we experienced some of the best and lesser-known things to do in Jordan, from guided tours of Petra to traditional cooking classes.

We had 10 people on the tour, who were mostly solo travellers (myself included). Ages ranged from those in their 40s to their 80s, and we struck a good balance of spending time together as well as exploring by ourselves in our free time.
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How did you find the pace of this trip?

The trip is described as having a full-on pace, which I'd say is accurate. While we spent two full days (three nights) in Petra, we spent the rest of the trip in a different destination each day. Over the course of nine days, we went snorkelling in Aqaba, explored ancient sites (like the citadel in Jerash), relaxed at a traditional Hammam spa and floated in the Dead Sea. 

In Wadi Rum, we rode in an open-top 4x4 vehicle that took us around the desert to see ancient inscriptions and beautiful viewpoints. In our free time, we visited cave bars, made the most of the hotel's rooftop pool (in Aqaba) and went shopping for souvenirs and street food. 
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Emily's take on Jordan:

"Jordan is a beautiful country, with wonderful, kind people, an enormous amount of history, and endless once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
If it’s ever somewhere you’ve considered going, this is your sign to book, and Discover Jordan!"

What was your highlight of the trip?

I loved Wadi Rum. This vast desert is home to the Bedouin, a nomadic group who have lived here for centuries. We watched the sunset and enjoyed a Zarb dinner (which is cooked under the sand) before hunkering down for the night in individual tents. These tents are crafted from goat hair, which helps protect you from the extreme desert climate. 

Another highlight was in Kerak. Our tour leader, Abdallah, guided us to an amazing viewpoint where you could see Wadi Al Fayed and Wadi Finan. The views stretched across the dry, undulating landscape, and with nobody else there, it was absolutely breathtaking.
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What was your favourite thing you ate or drank?

The food in Jordan was incredible. I'm vegetarian but there was enough variety of things to eat, including lots of falafel and hummus. We mostly tucked into buffet-style meals, with lots of mezze options including salads, fresh bread, meats, grains, vegetables and rice. 

I particularly loved the falafel from the street food stalls in downtown Amman. The smells, sights and sounds of this area all came together to create a vibrant atmosphere. 
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What top tips would you give others about this trip?

Aim to arrive a day before the tour starts, so you have a full night's rest before the tour begins. I arrived at 1am on day one of the tour, and had to be ready to go for 7.30am. At the end of the day, everyone wanted to go for dinner - not that I was complaining, because it was a great way to get to know everyone - but I definitely slept well that night!
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Can you tell us a fun fact about Jordan?

One thing I will say is that Jordan is a safe country to visit. Everyone was very friendly and, as a solo female traveller, I felt safe exploring by myself, particularly in downtown Amman. 

I learned that Jordan views itself as something like the "Switzerland of the Middle East", as they want to stay neutral with the dreadful conflict happening around the area at the moment.
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What was your most memorable moment?

In Aqaba, we went on a boat ride, and had the option to go snorkelling. Initially, we explored the waters by a wall, but a little further out was a disused oil rig. The huge concrete pillars that go down to the seabed were enveloped by vibrant coral, which was mesmerising to see.
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Emily's best things to eat in Jordan

  1. Falafel: Lose yourself in the bustling souks of downtown Amman, where you'll easily be tempted by numerous falafel stands. 
  2. Zarb: Zarb is a traditional Bedouin cooking style, where meat (usually chicken or goat) is barbecued in an underground pit. In Wadi Rum, it was cooked beneath the desert sand.
  3. Mezze: Mezze is a popular eating style in Jordan. Jordanian mezze consists of hot and cold dishes and usually accompany a main dish. 
  4. Baklava: Tuck into honey-soaked layers of pastry which are typically filled with pistachio or almonds. This traditional sweet food plays an important role in celebrations, such as Eid.
  5. Seafood: In the southern port city of Aqaba, you can enjoy freshly caught fish (grilled or fried).
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