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7 frequently asked questions about visiting Morocco

Visiting Morocco for the first time? We're here to help you get prepared and get excited. Discover our answers to frequently asked questions by first time travellers to Morocco. 
1. Should I take a group tour?

Of course the benefit of travelling with Explore is that we run small group tours, meaning you’ll have a local Explore leader throughout your trip, as well as other travellers in your group. Our leaders have expert local knowledge so they can make sure your trip runs smoothly and includes all the best things to see, taking all the stress out of your holiday. In addition to ensuring you have a memorable trip they'll be able to help with things like recommending the best restaurants and organising optional activities.

Our itineraries in Morocco are created to include the must-see highlights as well as hidden gems you couldn't typically experience when travelling alone, like meeting local Berber families and eating traditional food with them . And by joining a small group tour you'll have like-minded travellers with you, to share your Moroccan experience.

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2. Is Morocco safe?

Yes, Morocco is safe to travel right now. Of course, as with any other destination you do need to be aware of risks like pick-pocketing and scams. But don't let the misconceptions about Morocco put you off, its a destination packed full of must-sees and is safe and ready to be explored. There is a chance you may attract unwanted attention from locals in the busy touristy areas in the cities, particularly if you're a solo female traveller. Dressing respectfully will help mitigate this. And this is another advantage of a small group tour, you'll always have your fellow travellers with you to help look out for you. This will likely make you feel more confident and add to your enjoyment when you're taking in the sights. 

3. What should I wear in Morocco?

As with any other Arab country, both men and women need cover up and dress conservatively in Morocco. Wear loose, lightweight clothing – to cover up and be respectful to the locals, as well as to protect your skin and keep cool. It’s useful to carry a lightweight scarf which you can use if and when it is needed, particularly around religious buildings and to cover you from the sun (and sand in the desert).

4. When is the best time to visit Morocco?

Morocco is a year-round destination. However, spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to visit in terms of the temperature and are the best seasons for walking in the Atlas mountains. During the winter it can be cold at night and early in the morning, but Morocco is a great winter sun destination by day, especially along the coast. The best time to climb Mount Toubkal is from May to June and September to October. Temperatures tend to be lower in Spring and Autumn when you might even find some early/late snow on the summit.

The only Morocco holidays we run in July and August, the hottest months, are our family Morocco holidays. This is so that families can travel in the summer holidays. These trips have been created with the heat in the mind, and on most days there will be a pool at the hotel or a chance to swim in the sea to cool off. 

5. Should I haggle when shopping in the souks?

When you’re shopping in the souks (marketplaces), always haggle. Haggling is part of Moroccan culture, the locals do it themselves, so don’t be afraid to do it. Shopkeepers will start at a high price so usually go for around half of this amount to begin the bargaining.

We advise wearing a good security belt when travelling around Morocco, particularly when you’re in busy areas like souks. As with any other city, pick-pocketing is a risk, but don't let it stop you. Most importantly, enjoy exploring the many market stalls full of bright colours and exotic wares - you'll get to experience the culture of Morocco and get some bargains at the same time. 

6. What language do they speak in Morocco?

The most common language in Morocco is Arabic. However, English is frequently spoken in the busier cities and French is also widely spoken.

It is useful to learn a few common Arabic words before your holiday to Morocco. This will show respect and help you in most social situations with locals. This is especially useful as vendors are known to be persistent at times, particularly in the souks when they are eager to sell you something. Some helpful words to know:

No = “La”
Yes = “Iyah”
Thank you = “Shukran”
How much? = “Shahal taman?”
Ok = “Wakha”

7. Is the water in Morocco safe to drink?

The tap water in Morocco is not safe for drinking. We advise taking a water bottle with a built-in filtration system, like a Water-to-go bottle. Explore customers get 15% off Water-to-go.

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