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Why Stop at One? Extend Your Europe Adventure!

Make the most of your time in Europe by combining more than one tour – because why settle for just one adventure when you can have multiple?
Author: Donná - Digital Content Executive at Explore Worldwide
Published: 4 September 2023
From the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast to the historic Baltic region, and from the vibrant Greek Isles to the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia, these eight back-to-back trip itineraries offer an extraordinary travel opportunity to get the most out of your time in Europe. 

Don't let your adventure end with just one trip – seize the chance to extend your journey, explore diverse cultures, and immerse yourself in the beauty of each destination. Embrace the thrill of continuous discovery and book that second trip. After all, life's greatest stories are the ones that span across countries and cultures, and these eight itineraries are your ticket to an unforgettable holiday. 

1. From Malta to Italy's Puglia

Take these trips back-to-back for an opportunity to seamlessly transition from the captivating history and charm of Malta to the vibrant landscapes and culinary heritage of Puglia, Italy. 

Beginning with the exploration of Malta's intriguing past, you'll explore the stunning architecture of Valletta and its bustling Grand Harbour. Uncover the mysteries of the ancient temples, Ggantija, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra and enjoy a ferry ride to Gozo and admire it's rugged coastline including a stop at Dwejra, Gozo's most spectacular natural landmark. 
From Malta, let the adventure continue into Puglia, the heel of Italy's "boot", where stunning coastlines, charming towns, and delectable cuisine await.  Explore the iconic trulli houses of Alberobello, stroll along the beaches of the Adriatic coastline, sample local food and wine tastings and visit an ancient olive oil press. Lastly,  see the Baroque architecture in the 'Florence of the south' including the magnificent cathedral square. 

Trip 1: Malta and Gozo Discovery - 8 Days
Starts 1 June, ends 8 June 2024

Trip 2: Highlights of Puglia - 8 Days
Starts 9 June, ends 16 June 2024

2. Combine Greek Island cruising with Iberia

The combination of these two trips offer the best of a European holiday, encompassing everything from cruising the Greek Island's turquoise waters, to travelling by train in Spain, and exploring Portugal's landscapes on foot. This back-to back trip will showcase Europe in all forms extending your journey across diverse landscapes and cultures. 

Embark on a Mediterranean voyage around Greek's picturesque Evia Island, a remarkable hidden gem, and spend six nights on a traditional wooden boat. This trip offers opportunities for daily snorkelling, swimming and relaxing on idyllic beaches. You'll get to feast on freshly prepared Greek food in the caique and have free time to enjoy a dinner at local authentic waterside taverns. 
As you bid farewell to Greece, embrace a new cultural journey. Discover the vibrant cultures of Spain and Portugal, from flamenco rhythms to historic castles. Take a two-week journey from Spain, exploring the Roman Amphitheatre and journey by train to Madrid and Granada, crossing  the border into Portugal. Explore colourful Porto on a walking tour and visit a port lodge where you'll get to learn about the process and enjoy a port tasting. 

Trip 1: Greek Island Cruise - 8 Days
Starts 1 September, ends 8 September 2024

Trip 2: Spain and Portugal Iberian Explorer - 15 Days
Starts 9 September, ends 23 September 2024

3. Jump from the Baltics into Slovenia

Go from the rich history and intriguing cultures of the Baltic region to the pristine landscapes and captivating trails of Slovenia. From exploring medieval towns and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Baltic Republics to wandering through Slovenia's alpine beauty and glacial lakes. 

Immerse yourself in the history of the Baltic region, where medieval towns and storied pasts await. Explore the historic medieval centres of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius on foot and see the wooden windmills on Estonia's largest island. A visit to Curonian Spit National Park will have you searching for birdlife amongst the forests and golden sand dunes.
Transition smoothly to Slovenia's pristine lakes and alpine landscapes. Be mesmerised by the beauty that this country projects. Visit Lake Bled, the most photographed place in the country and enjoy the best scenery walks in Triglav National Park, where you'll walk in the Julian Alps from the majestic Lake Bohinj. 

Trip 1: Historic Baltic Republic - 15 Days
Starts 4 May, ends 18 May 2024

Trip 2: Alpine Lakes of Slovenia - 8 Days
Starts 19 May, ends 26 May 2024

4. Sicily to Greek Island Escape

From the historic charm and cultural richness of Sicily to the captivating allure of Greece's iconic island, these two trips together guarantee a fantastic European adventure. From discovering Sicily's archaeological treasures and indulging in its renowned cuisine to embarking on a cruise through the turquoise waters of the Greek Isles, this dual experience promises an astonishing contrast of landscapes, cultures, and histories.

Savour the flavours of Sicily, where history, cuisine, and coastal beauty intertwine. See historical sights ranging from the Valley of the Temples to the Greek theatre of Segesta and even get the chance to go to Europe's tallest active volcano, Mount Etna. Immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy local cuisine such as the panelle, which is a popular street food or try a cassata, Sicily's most famous cake. 
Extend your holiday and set sail for the Greek Isles where you'll go from sleeping in hotels to sleeping in a traditional wooden boat. This relaxing cruise sails around the coves and harbours of Evia, a less over populated tourist island but also Greece's second largest island, offering a more authentic local experience. There are plenty of swimming and snorkelling opportunities and you'll also be able to hop on to shore to explore the island. Along the cruise you'll feast on fresh local Greek food prepared and served by the boat crew. 

Trip 1: Classic Sicily - 8 Days
Starts 8 June, ends 15 June 2024

Trip 2: Greek Island Cruise - 8 Days
Starts 16 June, ends 23 June 2024

5. From walking Camino, Spain to Portugal Foodie Experience

From the scenic trails of Northern Spain's remarkable landscapes to the flavours and culture of Portugal's vibrant cities, this trip combination promises an extraordinary adventure. 

Embark on an incredible walking journey along the Camino de Santiago, passing historic towns and picturesque valley views. Highlights include the historic city of Leon, renowned for its stunning Gothic architecture and Roman ruins, as well as the charming town of Astorga with its impressive Bishop's Palace. Feel a sense of achievement as you complete this 8 day trek with your final stop ending of seeing the Santiago Cathedral. 
Transition from Camino's footsteps to the flavours of Portugal, let your adventure flow seamlessly from Spain to the western shores of Europe. Here you can sit back and let your legs rest while you enjoy fine wine tastings in traditional wineries located in the picturesque Douro Valley. Sample fresh oysters, newly pressed olive oil and freshly baked Pasteis de Nata - Portuguese custard tart. 

Trip 1: Walking the Camino Santiago - 12 Days
Starts 11 June, ends 22 June 2024

Trip 2: A Taste of Portugal - 8 Days
Starts 23 June, ends 30 June 2024

6. Amalfi Coast to Greek Island Wandering

Transitioning from the scenic trails and picturesque villages of the Amalfi Coast to the sun-drenched landscapes and historic gems of the Greek Isles, makes for the perfect Mediterranean combination trip.

Relish the Amalfi Coast's beauty from a different perspective on this leisurely and moderate grade walking tour. Experience this trip like a true local, where you'll get to stay with an Italian family on their working farm overlooking the Mediterranean and enjoy home-produced organic food and wine. Apart from exploring the majestic Amalfi coast by foot, you'll hop onto a boat for a day trip to explore Capri Island.

Then, let your exploration continue and wander through the Greek Isles. This island hopping trip takes you to Syros, Paros, Santorini and Naxos, where you will get to explore each island. There is plenty of free time on this trip to explore the islands as you please, whilst having the added bonus of our expert tour leader who can assist with must-see places after giving you a guided tour. Savour local cuisine at authentic seafront tavernas in Syros, go snorkelling from Golden Beach in Paros and see the whitewashed churches with their iconic blue-domed roofs in Santorini.

Trip 1: Amalfi Coast Walking - Agriturismo - 8 Days
Starts 25 May, ends 1 June 2024

Trip 2: Greek Island Wanderer -14 Days
Starts 2 June, ends 15 June 2024

7. Double up on Croatia: Cycling and Walking Trip

This back-to-back trip combines the experiences of cycling around the Dalmatian Coast and a walking tour in Croatia, providing a diverse and enriching holiday experience.

Pedal along the stunning Dalmatian Coast, a paradise for cyclists. This trip takes you through the picturesque cities of Split and Dubrovnik, where you can marvel at the historical architecture and immerse yourself in the local culture. Along the way, you'll encounter charming fishing villages, vineyards, and olive groves, offering a glimpse into the traditional way of life in this region.

Following the cycling adventure, you'll embark on a walking tour in Croatia, which allows you to explore the country's natural beauty on foot. This trip takes you through Croatia's stunning national parks, including Plitvice Lakes and Krka, where you can witness the awe-inspiring waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes. You'll have visits to the historic cities of Zadar and Trogir, which are renowned for their medieval architecture and rich cultural heritage.

Trip 1: Cycle the Dalmatian Coast - 8 Days
Starts 6 July, ends 13 July 2024

Trip 2: Walks and Coastal Towns of Croatia - 8 Days
Starts 14 July, ends 21 July 2024

8. Hop from Madeira Island to mainland Spain

From the breath taking landscapes of Madeira to the vibrant cities of Madrid and Barcelona, this back-to-back trip will showcase a diverse array of sites, allowing you to explore multiple destinations and immerse yourself in different cultures.

Starting with the Madeira Island Discovery, explore the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of this Portuguese island. Highlights include visiting the charming capital city of Funchal, where you can wander through colourful markets, taste local delicacies, and learn about Madeira's fascinating history. Additionally, you'll get to witness the awe-inspiring views from the Cabo Girão viewpoint and take a scenic hike along the levadas, the famous irrigation channels that criss-cross the island.

Once you have soaked up the enchanting atmosphere of Madeira, it's time to embark on the Discover Madrid trip. This adventure will take you through the vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes of Spain by train. Starting in Madrid, you'll journey on a train to the Basque Country, where you will discover the charming cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian, known for their unique architecture, world-class cuisine, and stunning coastal scenery. Continuing on to the Rioja region, you will get to explore vineyards, taste renowned wines, and learn about the art of winemaking.

Trip 1: Madeira Island Discovery - 8 Days
Starts 14 September, ends 21 September 2024

Trip 2: Discover Madrid, Basque Country, Rioja, Barcelona - 9 Days
Starts 22 September, ends 30 September 2024

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