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Explore Leaders' Charity of the Year 2018

We are passionate about supporting charities, projects and initiatives each year in the countries we operate our trips around the world.

For the past two years, the team at Explore HQ have chosen charities for us to support.  These are initiatives that support community projects, wildlife or the environment.

Last year we supported The Seabin Project in their plight towards cleaning our oceans and educating the younger generations on protecting the environment. Since then, we’re pleased to see they have gone from strength to strength introducing seabins around the world, helping to remove plastic waste from the oceans.

For 2018 we are delighted to announce two winners: Aman Biradari’s Dil Se project in India and The Hardcore Help Foundation’s work in Kenya. Both of these charities will receive £3,000 from Explore to help them continue their excellent and much-needed work.

Aman Biradar's Dil Se project 
The staff and volunteers at Aman Biradari work tirelessly to support homeless children and mothers in Delhi. They help them to build a life and a sustainable way out of poverty through rehabilitation, education and training; as well as arranging family reunions and child adoption where necessary.

On a recent trip to India, Glyn, part of our Product team, visited the project and was welcomed by the team who were delighted to show him the work that they’re doing and how our support will help them to build on this.

The Hardcore Help Foundation (HHF) 
The Hardcore Help Foundation is a dedicated team of volunteers who organised a concert to raise money for friends in need after the 2011 tsunami in Japan. They have since expanded across the globe and continue to help people in this way.

One of their main projects focuses on providing clean water and free medical assistance to families in Kenya.  More than 40% of the population of Kenya lacks access to safe, clean drinking water. HHF are raising money for water filters which are simple to use, affordable, and truly make a lasting impact on those who receive them.
The team were delighted with the news that they had been chosen:

"We are speechless that we were chosen. This donation is a big help for our clean water project in Kapkures, Kenya. Our goal is to support a whole village with access to clean water; this will be a big step further. We would like to thank Explore for their commitment and Explore for this incredible donation. We really appreciate this, thank you so much.”  
Find out more about our charitable and environmental commitments on our sustainability pages.