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Explore's Responsible Tourism Awards

Every year, Explore asks its local agents based all around the world to suggest a project or charity to receive funding for its annual Responsible Tourism Awards.

Our team at Explore HQ then whittle down the entries and decide on their top three favourites, resulting in three runners up who each receive £500 for their nominated charity and one overall winner who is provided with £1000. After much deliberation, this year’s runners up are:

Lemosho Primary School Project, Tanzania

Our local agent in Tanzania was approached by the Head of Education of the Siha district asking for assistance with renovating primary schools in the area. The Lemosho Primary School had a severe shortage of classrooms, which meant the lower grade students had to resort to learning in dilapidated classrooms. These were virtually unusable in the rainy season, resulting in less time learning for the pupils. Around the same time, our Explore Leader, Julius “Whitey” Mtongore was invited by some previous clients to climb Mt. Aconcagua and decided to use this opportunity to raise money for Lemosho Primary School with the aim of raising enough money to build at least two classrooms to start with. The additional funds that Explore have provided will assist with the building, furnishings and provisions for the school.

whitey mountain

The Earth Saviours Foundation, India

The Earth Saviours Foundation was founded in 2008 by Ravi Kalra who provides assistance to disadvantaged people by offering them shelter, food and support. The shelter, based in Bandhwar Village cares for 380 people and Ravi frequently goes on the road to help those who are disabled, homeless, or suffering from chronic illnesses. This project receives no funding from the government and relies solely on donations and the assistance of volunteers. The additional funds that Explore have sent will help with providing food, blankets and basic medical supplies.

Ann Village School, Burma

Last year, a school was built in the small Ann Village of Kyaingtong, Burma by a group of Christian Missionaries. This area is underprivileged and the school had originally been a tent-like construction, but the build has now been finished. However, the school still requires essentials like a water tank and furniture to be fully functioning which Explore’s funding will provide.


And the winner of the £1,000 donation is…

Bicycles without Borders, Spain

Bicycles without Borders is a local charity based in Barcelona that collects used bicycles and spare parts which are then repaired. They employ a wide range of people to restore the bikes, from those with disabilities to socially excluded individuals who are hoping to be reintroduced to the workforce. Once the bicycles have been fixed, they are sent to Senegal and India to be donated to different schools where children are taught how to use them. This enables the children to travel to school more easily as their homes are often situated many miles away. The money sent to Bicycles without Borders will help fund more bikes and materials to the charity.

Reesponsible Travel awards 0002 Bicycles without borders 2