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Best safari and wildlife photography destinations

Keep memories alive with spectacular photos of your safari and wildlife adventures. This is our guide to the best safari and wildlife photography destinations in the world.



Capture the moment that the beady eyes of a crocodile gently break through the murky waterways of the Okavango Delta, and be ready to snap a pod of hippo bathing in the shallows on a safari holiday in Botswana. For the best African safari wildlife photos, keep your eyes peeled for a pride of lion camouflaged in the golden grasses of Chobe National Park and have your camera ready to catch herds of elephant traipsing through the bush. The fertile waterways of Moremi Game Reserve will reveal giraffe, zebra and ostrich and you may even get the chance to see an elusive leopard too. 
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Costa Rica

With one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, a wildlife trip to Costa Rica should be on the wish-list of every wildlife photographer. Join our Explore Costa Rica tour to focus in on the emerald-green feathers of the resplendent quetzal and get up close with lazy sloths draped over mossy branches in the Monteverde Cloudforest. You'll need to be quick to get a shot of white-faced capuchin monkeys playing on the tropical beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. And visit between June and September to photograph sea turtle nesting on the sandy shores of Tortuguero. 
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For the best chance of close-up wildlife photography, embark on a tour to the Galapagos Islands. From Iguanas sunning themselves on the golden beaches of the Tintoreras Islands and sea lion playing in the warm topaz waters of Santa Fe to giant tortoises roaming the highlands of Santa Cruz, there are numerous wildlife photography opportunities on the volcanic islands of Ecuador. Look out for the unique webbed feet of blue-footed boobies and don't miss the fiery-red feathers of frigatebird glowing like beacons along the rocky coastline.
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Sri Lanka

Elephants are some of the most photogenic creatures in the wild and the beauty of these slow-moving gentle giants can be photographed with ease on a Sri Lanka wildlife tour. From the safety of a safari jeep on the grassy plains of Udawalawe National Park, you sit patiently and let the elephants come to you. Zoom in on the gigantic creases of their thick leathery skin for incredible close-ups and experiment with black and white photos for dramatic compositions. 
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Although sightings are never guaranteed, an India wildlife holiday may give you the chance to photograph the endangered Bengal tiger. Join our India Tiger Safari to take a jeep safari through Kanha National Park, the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' and home to a significant number of these big regal cats. Also keep a look out for Indian leopard, sloth bear, striped hyena, monkey, the rare Indian antelope (blackbuck), as well as over 300 species of bird.
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Join our Realm of the Polar Bear Expedition to sail around the frost-bitten shores of Spitsbergen for a wildlife tour like no other. Seals rest on giant ice floes and arctic fox roam the bleak, snowy tundras in the remote polar region of the Arctic. Home to the 'King of the Arctic,' we also hope to spot an elusive polar bear down our telephoto lenses. Hold your breath as one glances in your direction and stay calm as you capture the beauty of its piercing dark eyes peeping out of its fluffy white coat like holes in the snow. 
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For eye-catching photographs of exotic birdlife, join a tour to Romania to visit the wildlife sanctuary of the Danube Delta. Cruise along the flourishing river banks on a large houseboat to spot grebes, egret, kingfisher and cormorant from the water. Explore a maze of reed-lined channels and duck beneath the branches of ancient willow trees as you take snapshots of white pelican flapping their large fingered-wings to take off in a frenzied mass of black and white feathers. 
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South Africa

For the chance to photograph the Big Five, join a South Africa safari holiday in the game reserves of South Africa and Eswatini. Zoom in on buffalo drinking from the waterholes and see if you can snap a shot of rare black rhino roaming the vast grasslands. Follow dusty paw prints to track down a pride of lion sleeping in the shade of a large Baobab tree and stay hopeful that you'll be able to capture the iconic spots of a leopard against the warm glow of a South African safari sunrise.
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For a wildlife tour with a difference, travel to the vast wetlands of Senegal's Djoudj National Park. This is a popular water stop for migratory birds flying over the Sahara desert. Point your lens towards the sky snap pods of pelican flying towards the fertile waterways. And have your camera ready to shoot pink flamingo, purple heron, African hawk-eagle, grey kestrel and pygmy sunbird amongst the swampy islands of the Saloum Delta National Park too. 
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If taking photos of gorilla is on your bucket list, Uganda is one of the best places to come face to face with our largest living primates. Getting up before sunrise on our Uganda wildlife tour, you scale steep paths and trek through muddy ravines in the damp and humid jungle. Treading carefully through the dense undergrowth your camera is set up and ready to go. Then, as if out of nowhere, you see them; a family of gorilla sat in a small clearing, chewing on bamboo shoots. What an incredible photo this will be. 
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The intense, wide eyes and bold, stripy tails of lemur species make for unique and striking wildlife photography. Capture the playful character of these endemic creatures on a wildlife trip to the 'lost continent' of Madagascar and explore the dense jungles of Ranomafana National Park to uncover boa constrictor, chameleon and black parrot. If you're interested in underwater wildlife photography, head to the golden-sand beaches of Anakao where you'll find colourful displays of tropical fish and vibrant coral, and seek out the mangrove swamps to spot flamingo, parrot and Madagascar plover.
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