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Best foodie holidays

From gooey, cheese-filled Khachapuri in Georgia and crispy Dosa pancakes in India, to sweet and sour Balsamic Vinegar in Italy and aromatic coffee in Ethiopia. Here are some of the best trips for food and drink enthusiasts to savour.
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Tamales, Tacos and Mole, Mexico

Get stuck in and cook up a storm in a traditional Mexican kitchen on our two-week Tastes of Mexico tour. Buy fresh ingredients from the local market and follow recipes that have been handed down many generations to create a delicious feast of Mexican mole, spicy stuffed chillies and homemade tacos. We’ll also head into the mountains to learn how to make corn husk tamales and try some crispy deep-fried mojarra. 

Okonomiyaki, Japan

Work up an appetite on our cycling tour of Japan and tuck into some traditional Okonomiyaki pancakes at the end of your ride. These savoury fritters are made from a batter of eggs, flour, cabbage and soy sauce that is fried golden brown and topped with lashings of sweet Okonomiyaki sauce. The meaning of the word ‘okonomiyaki’ is ‘as you like’ so you’ll be spoiled for choice with many fish, meat and vegetable varieties to fuel your pedalling throughout the day.

Wine, Moldova

Once known as the ‘Vineyard of the USSR’ Moldova is becoming more well-known for its exquisite wine. Spend an afternoon on our Moldova Short Break tasting home-grown sparkling wine from the vast underground tunnels of Milestii Mici Wine Cellar, we’ll return to Chisinau to dine at the charming Carpe Diem wine bar. Take a seat in this private hidden gem away from the tourist hot-spots and sample a wide range of delicious wines presented and poured by expert sommeliers. 

Khachapuri, Georgia

Khachapuri is a delicious must-try savoury snack from Georgia. Find a quiet street-side cafe within Tbilisi’s maze of narrow cobbled streets on our Discover Georgia trip to indulge on this traditional treat of plump leavened bread baked over a traditional wood fire, filled with melted cheese and topped with an egg. Sit back, relax and watch the world go by as you rip off the doughy crust and dip it into a crater of tasty molten goo - yum!  

Balsamic Vinegar, Italy

Visit the home of balsamic vinegar in the Italian region of Modena on our Taste of Italy tour. The Leonardi Farmhouse has been producing Balsamic Vinegar since the 18th century, and we’ll learn how Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes are pressed, cooked and aged to create this ancient and highly valued sweet and sour condiment. Tickle your taste buds with some delicious tastings and explore their fascinating museum.

Port, Portugal

Often served as an after-dinner aperitif, Port is a sweet fortified wine that originates from the verdant vineyards of Portugal’s Douro Valley. Juicy grapes are crushed and infused with an aguardiente spirit, aged in barrels, and bottled in Porto where we’ll visit a traditional port lodge on our Highlights of Portugal tour. Learn about the history and production of white, ruby and tawny Port and sample a few of the different varieties to compare the contrasting flavours of this sumptuous beverage.

Dosas, India

Head into the verdant grasslands of Kerala’s Western Ghats, go in search of exotic wildlife in Periyar National Park and meet locals in remote Backwater villages on our Kerala walking tour. Keep your energy levels topped up with traditional Indian Dosas stuffed with fragrant coconut chutney before climbing through the lush tea plantations of the Seven Malai Hills where you’ll discover far-reaching panoramas stretching towards the rugged peak of Anamudi. 

Ceviche, Peru

Lima is fast becoming a hot-spot for exquisite culinary experiences making it the perfect place to try the traditional Peruvian dish of Ceviche. This zesty seafood recipe is made from raw fish marinated in fresh citrus juices and spiked with hot ají or chilli peppers. Head to Mercado de Surquillo on our Classic Peru tour to sample catch of the day Ceviche at a market-stall bar, or dine in one of the many alfresco restaurants for a more up-market version of this popular meal. 

Coffee, Ethiopia

Far removed from the Westernised quick-dash-and-go coffee experience, the consumption of this aromatic caffeinated beverage is a much more social affair in Ethiopia. On our way back from seeing the pearly-white cascades and fizzing waters of the Blue Nile Falls on our Highlights of Ethiopia tour, we’ll stop for a traditional coffee ceremony with the locals. Watch as our host takes their time to gently roast and grind the beans before brewing them in a steaming hot jebena and serving the rich hot coffee in small handleless cups.

Mezze, Lebanon

For the Lebanese, food is a key part of family life; it is viewed as an experience to be enjoyed rather than just a necessity. Embrace this sociable outlook and get together with your fellow travellers for a group meal in Beirut on our Highlights of Lebanon tour. Gather around a table jam-packed with small plates of fresh tabbouleh salad, grilled meats, and smoky baba ghanoush to share. Wash it all down with some local wine and raise a toast to new friends and extraordinary adventures. 


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