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8 Non-alcoholic drinks from around the world

Not ready for Dry January to end? From zesty lemon blends to coffee with a kick, we’ve gathered 8 non-alcoholic drinks from around the world.


Chicha morada, Peru

Usually served fresh throughout street markets, chicha morada is a staple beverage in Peru. Made from boiled purple corn, pineapple rind, cinnamon and cloves, it has a mildly sweet, nutty taste which is surprisingly rejuvenating thanks to the variety of ingredients. While the ink-like purple colour might be unusual, it’s rich in antioxidants and supports a healthy heart. Grab a cup of chicha morada during a visit to the bustling markets of Cusco on our Classic Peru trip.
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Limonana, Jordan

Tangy and refreshing with a burst of sweetness, limonana can be found in many restaurants throughout the Middle East, including on a Jordan Discovery tour. Blending freshly squeezed lemon, a generous helping of mint leaves, sugar, ice and still water, limonana is packed with vitamin C, and also aids in digestion.  
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Arabic coffee, Saudi Arabia

Arabic coffee involves a different style of preparation than what you might be used to. Using finely ground coffee beans - almost like a powder - the coffee is boiled with sugar and cardamom in a special pot called a briki. The process of making and serving Arabic coffee - alongside dates and sweets - is a sign of warm hospitality for welcoming guests. While exploring the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, every hotel will treat you to this indulgent spread upon arrival.
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Mango lassi, Northern India

Originating around 1000 BC in Northern India, lassis are a blend of dahi (a traditional Indian yoghurt), water, spices and fruit. Creamy and refreshing, mango lassi can be enjoyed usually after meal times to aid digestion, but it’s just as good to cool off during a warm day on a Highlights of Northern India trip. When it’s especially hot, some even prefer a lassi over a hefty meal.
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Vietnamese Coffee

Combining a strong, rich coffee with a helping of sweet and creamy condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee - cà phê sữa nóng - makes a flavourful energy boost for the day ahead. The coffee is brewed using a Phin filter, which slowly drips the brew onto a tablespoon of condensed milk. Simply stir and enjoy! Alternatively, you can pour your coffee over ice to create cà phê sua dá (iced Vietnamese coffee), an excellent on-the-go option during our Inside Vietnam tour.
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Turkish tea

Served in a unique tulip-shaped tea glass, Turkish tea is a staple part of everyday life in Turkey, particularly when welcoming guests into the home. Black tea with sugar and no milk is a traditional option, however, herbal flavours such as rose hip and linden flower are popular as well. Sip Turkish tea as you relax at a traditional village house on our Lycian Way walking trip.
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Maté, Argentina and Chile

Traditionally shared with friends and family, maté is a tea-like beverage that’s rarely enjoyed alone. This drink is made from a South American holly tree called yerba mate which, like tea leaves, also contains caffeine and is high in antioxidants. Maté is served in a calabash (a gourd-shaped mug), and is first tasted by the pourer to test for bitterness. It’s then passed around the group, being enjoyed through a metal straw, and is topped up with hot water to keep it going. On your Adventures in Patagonia, you may get the chance to be part of this social experience as well!
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Horchata de Chufa, Spain

Dating back to 13th-century Valencia, horchata de chufa is a popular drink in Spain, made from ‘tiger nuts’, a tuber of the nutsedge plant. Tiger nuts have a sweet and almond-like flavour, and once blended with water, they’re strained to create a light and sweet juice with a similar consistency to milk. You’ll usually find horchata de chufa in cafes while Walking in Andalucia, and you can even purchase pre-made versions in supermarkets.
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