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6 Highlights of Romania

From the home of Dracula and the mysterious medieval alleyways of Transylvania to snowy winter wonderlands and verdant mountain valleys, there's an array of highlights to discover in Romania. Here are some of the best places to visit on your next adventure.



The imposing presence of Bran Castle's terracotta turrets set upon a craggy hilltop, surrounded by verdant hillsides, is hard to ignore. Follow your local guide to discover the truth behind the myth and legend of 'Dracula's Castle' and explore the nooks and crannies of Transylvania's most famous mystical fortress on our Highlights of Romania Tour.

Snowy Adventures

For a multi-activity holiday with a difference, join our Romania Winter Adventure. A blanket of pure white snow coats Romania's must-see sights and the twinkle of fairy lights casts a magical glow over the frosty landscape. Go snowshoe walking through icy forests, search for stalactites in the Transfagarasan Highway tunnels, and end a busy day of fun in the great outdoors with a chilly stay in an ice hotel.

Danube Delta Wildlife

Cruise along narrow waterways lined with reedbeds and ancient willow trees on our Romania and Danube Delta Tour. The Danube Delta, Europe's second-largest, is a popular breeding ground for an abundance of bird species, so keep a look out for white pelican, pygmy cormorant, heron, egret and whitetail eagle. Enjoy this thriving nature reserve from onboard our large pontoon boat and, as dusk creeps in, watch the sunset over the flourishing marshlands.

Carpathian Mountains

One of Romania's most popular highlights is the scenic Carpathian Mountain Range. Join our Romania Walking Holiday to trek through lush pine forests, colourful meadows and verdant countryside in the heart of this hidden corner of Europe. Or get in the saddle on our Cycle Romania Tour to pedal through the undulating grassy hillsides of Piatra Craiului National Park and enjoy a free-wheel descent into the rocky valleys of the Transylvanian Alps below.


You'll feel as though you've stepped back in time as horses trot through the streets and tow carts of local produce in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Sighisoara. Lose yourself on our Highlights of Romania Private Tour in a maze of winding alleyways lined with pastel-coloured dwellings and watch local life unfold as you enjoy a plate of traditional beef goulash washed down with delicious locally-brewed beer.

Brown Bears

Romania is home to over 6,000 brown bears, one of the largest populations in Europe and on our Romania Long Weekend Trip you'll get the chance to watch them in the wild forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Hunker down in a specially built hide and, as dusk falls, keep your eyes peeled for these giant grizzly beasts. Patience is a virtue as you wait in complete silence, but then you see it - a big ball of brown fluff wanders into the clearing and starts foraging in the undergrowth for food - a unique sight you'll certainly never forget.