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5 ways to prepare for your first cycling trip

You’ve decided to go on your first cycling holiday (or you’ve already booked it – good for you!). But now you’re wondering what you’ve let yourself in for! We’ve put together a few tips to help you get ready for your first cycling trip.


1. Go for bike rides

If you already love cycling and have decided a holiday by bike sounds like a great way to travel, then you’re already on the right track. If this is your way of pushing yourself to get fit or try something new, fantastic! It’s a great incentive and cycling really is a great way to explore a destination at a slower pace and a from a closer perspective.

In terms of prep, time in the saddle really is the most valuable thing to get ready for your cycling holiday. Head out for rides at the weekends, build up to consecutive days and explore your local area – you can’t go far wrong.

2. Kit yourself out

You don’t need to dress in full head-to-toe Lycra for a cycling holiday. Padding helps for comfort and quick-wicking materials keep you drier but some prefer to cycle in their regular shorts and T shirt, particularly on our easy graded trips. But regardless of your dressing preferences, proper cycling shorts can be a life-saver along with a gel seat cover for added comfort. You don’t need to get professional kit; even a cheap pair of padded cycling shorts will really help you sit more comfortably! Cycle gloves are highly recommended and also protect from the sun. You’ll also need your own helmet.

3. Pack carefully for cycling

While you’re away, your luggage is carried for you in the support van so all you need to take day-to-day is snacks, drink, sunblock and a camera. That’s it. Everything else is sorted for you, which makes life much easier and you can get on and enjoy the time in the saddle.

Don’t forget to check the bike information, budgeting and packing section of your trip page, where you’ll find further information on what to pack and whether a pannier is included.

4. Plan food and drink

Burning calories on the bike means you can indulge a little and enjoy the local food. We make stops in local cafes along the way, eateries for lunch and on more demanding rides you can always buy local fruit and snacks to keep you going. You’ll also need a reusable water bottle or two to stay hydrated and help reduce single-use plastics at the same time. Where possible, in countries where the local water isn’t potable, we provide a large water container to fill up from. We also recommend Water-to-Go bottles, which have a filter built in that eliminates over 99.9% of any contaminants. Save 15% as an Explore customer.
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5. Relax, and get ready to have fun!

Your first cycling is holiday is just that – a holiday and not a race. Wherever possible we allow each rider to go at their own pace so you can enjoy it. Cycling is great for your heath and fun – there’s a reason it’s one of the fastest growing sports. A cycling holiday means you can really get under the skin of a country, go further and see more. So make the most of it, have a great time away from your daily life and relax. You never know, it could be the start of something new.