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10 Worst trips for phone signal

If you’re looking to escape the pressures of the digital world, look no further. From conquering Kilimanjaro to cruising the Brazilian Amazon, here are our 10 worst trips for phone signal to give you the ultimate digital detox.


Brazilian Amazon by Boat

As you sail the Brazilian Amazon by boat, almost half your time on tour will be spent without Wi-Fi. The cruise will take you to visit remote communities thriving on the river banks, to stretches of white-sand beaches, and lush rainforest, with no chance of being distracted by the digital world. Simply soak up the unique, rich ecosystem of the Amazon as it floats by, and settle into a hammock on deck at night to observe the stars.
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Maldive Dhoni Cruise

Once we’ve departed from Male on a Maldives Dhoni Cruise, you’ll be truly disconnected until we return to the airport. There’s no Wi-Fi onboard the traditional Dhoni boat, and your time will be spent diving beneath the turquoise waters, or exploring picturesque corners of the Maldives. If it’s rest and relaxation you’re after, there’s nothing so serene as sleeping under the stars on deck.
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Namibia Lodge Safari

During a Namibia Lodge Safari, much of your time will be taken up by traversing multiple national parks as you keep your eyes peeled for the Big Five. Etosha National Park boasts a habitat for 114 species of animals, and 340 species of birds, while Waterberg Plateau Park is Namibia’s only mountain game park. With some truly wild experiences to be found on your game drives, your phone will be the last thing you think of.
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Discover Sudan

Exploring the picturesque Nile Valley and the vast deserts on this 12-day trip will leave you with little time to be scrolling your phone. For four nights you’ll camp under Sudan's shimmering stars near Old Dongola, as well as by the Atrun Crater, with remote surroundings and newfound friends to keep you company. With no Wi-Fi or phone signal to distract you, you can focus on relaxing in this unspoilt destination.
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Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Trek

Throughout your Kilimanjaro Trek you’ll find very few hotspots for phone signal and absolutely no Wi-Fi. Since we’ll be spending most nights camping under the stars, you’ll be disconnected from the digital world and immersed in the stunning vistas of Tanzania that surround you. The river lodge is also a perfect spot for relaxation with no Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fantastic view of Mount Kilimanjaro.
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Toubkal Climb - Long Weekend

Looking for a short, sweet digital detox? Conquer the Toubkal Climb in a weekend, with two and a half days spent in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. As you embark on the challenging journey to Jebel Toubkal, there’ll be no Wi-Fi and intermittent phone signal, though the breathtaking vistas will be sure to keep you company instead. Each night we’ll be gathered at campsites or in traditional village houses, getting a well-earned rest.
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Inca Trail Trek, Peru

Forget all about checking your notifications as you explore one of the New Seven Wonders of the World on an Inca Trail Trek, taking in the historic Sun Gate and marvelling at the vast Andes Mountains. There’ll be no Wi-Fi throughout the trek, and only spotty phone signal, giving you plenty of time to soak up the natural beauty of Peru. We also recommend a spot of stargazing by the ruins of Llaqtapata, which boasts spectacular night skies.
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Realm of the Polar Bear In Depth

On an Arctic voyage to the realm of the polar bear, you won’t get much further from the digital world than this! Onboard the M/V Greg Mortimer you’ll explore the icy kingdom that’s home to spectacular wildlife experiences, including spotting walrus, and watching thousands of Brunnich’s guillemot swarm the cliffs. Fortunately, phone signal in the Arctic is unreliable, giving you plenty of time to focus on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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