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10 unusual adventure holiday ideas to book in August

Looking for an adventure holiday with a difference? Hike the rainforests of Costa Rica, glide through Polish mountains on a horse-drawn sleigh or go in search of wildlife in Botswana.
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1. Discover Belize

Switch off and lose yourself in a magical underwater world as you swim amongst schools of brightly coloured tropical fish on the Belize Barrier Reef. The balmy, crystal-clear water feels sublime as you drift along the surface of the ocean. Look out for friendly turtles as you swim over the vibrant coral and seagrass beds below.
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2. Arabian Sands Eclipse

Set off at dawn and watch the annular eclipse as the sun and the moon align to create a blazing ring of fire in the Arabian sky. The rippling dunes of the Wahiba Sands glow orange in the low light and the air feels cool as wildlife begins to stir among this arid wilderness. This is a sunrise you’ll never forget.
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3. North Philippines Explorer

Soak up the Hispanic atmosphere of Vigan as you wander along its narrow cobbled streets lined with ancient stone houses. One of the oldest Spanish colonial towns in the Philippines and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan is home to classic European architecture, a malecón esplanade, kalesa horse-drawn carriages, and an imposing Baroque-style 16th century cathedral.
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4. Sapporo Snow Festival

The intricate ice sculptures that portray mythical creatures, grand buildings and popular movie characters are a spectacular sight. With so much to see at the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, you’ll certainly need a full day to explore this chilly snowscape. Take a moment to warm the cockles and quench your thirst with a delicious hot drink at a bar made entirely of snow and ice - a coffee break with a difference.
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5. Hiking in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Hiking off of the beaten track through lush rainforest, you'll follow the sound of fizzing water as you pass over small streams, and look out for white-faced monkey in the canopy. Then, as you come into a clearing, you catch sight of the lofty Burrito waterfall; a high torrent of bubbling white water cascading down a sheer rock face into a vast plunge pool below.
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6. Family Okavango Adventure

Get set for a wild camping experience like no other. Explore the vast plains of the Moremi Game Reserve, on the look-out for crocodile, antelope, hippo and an assortment of exotic birds. After a day's wildlife watching, we’ll sleep under canvas in the company of inquisitive elephant, and sense the fierce presence of lion and leopard close-by.
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6. On Foot in Java and Bali

The mighty cone of Mount Bromo rumbles and roars, the sounds getting louder as you trek higher up through the lunar landscape. Treading carefully, you reach the summit and feel your hairs stand on end as you peer over the edge into the gigantic crater of this live volcano. The sense of power and raw energy here is breathtaking.
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8. Cycle the Berlin Wall

As we pedal through the bicycle-friendly city of Berlin, along the route of where the Berlin Wall used to stand, we hear first-hand tales about what it was like to live behind the Iron Curtain. Your guide, who grew up in East Germany, will recount their experiences of the imposing divide and reveal how different life is 30 years on since the momentous fall of the wall.
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9. Polish Winter Adventure

As night starts to fall on this magical winter wonderland, climb on board a horse-drawn sleigh and glide over the glistening snow-covered mountains, guided by flaming torches. Then, under a twinkling star-lit sky, join the locals for an alfresco feast of traditional Polish food. Delicious hot brews will keep you toasty warm t, while the upbeat folk tunes will get you dancing into the evening.
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10. Burma Highlights

Ubiquitous in Burma, a cheroot is a type of small cigar, packed with flavoured tobacco and rolled inside a leaf. Entering a small floating house on Inle Lake, the smell of sweet, sticky tobacco hangs thick in the air. Greeted by one of the village elders, we are shown how cheroots are still rolled by hand here, at a rate of up to 1,000 per day one of the locals proudly claim!

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