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10 Best trips using public transport

From the ultimate European London2 rail adventure to island hopping in Thailand via ferry, public transport is the perfect way to get to the heart of a destination while travelling more sustainably.


Walk West Cornwall

On this six-day, centre-based Cornwall walking trip, we make the most of the UK's well-connected public transport system. Transfers take place at the start or end of each walk, either to and from Penzance train station which is an easy stroll from the hotel or by local bus. It’s an excellent opportunity to take in the local sights of Cornwall after trekking the rugged coastline or enjoying a hearty lunch at a seafood café.
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Discover Madrid, Basque Country, Rioja, Barcelona

Using a combination of train travel, public bus and charter bus, this nine-day Madrid, Basque Country and Barcelona trip hits a variety of highlights. Beginning with two days in Spain's bustling capital, you’ll then embark on a leisurely rail journey to Bilbao, nestled in green rolling countryside. You’ll later experience the AVE fast train which drops us into the culturally rich city of Barcelona.
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Simply Japan

Throughout this all-encompassing Simply Japan trip, you’ll jump to each stop via train or ferry. A visit to Japan would be incomplete without experiencing the famous Bullet train, which whisks you to Kyoto from Hiroshima in around just two hours. Meanwhile, public ferry services are vital for exploring enchanting destinations such as Miyajima Island, home to free-roaming deer and the serene floating torii gate. 
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Kolkata to Amritsar

India’s extensive public rail network is the best way to connect with both culture and community. As you travel Northern India by rail, from bustling Kolkata to the holy city of Amritsar, you’ll experience locals chatting with you and sharing their lunch, as well as vendors selling sweet masala chai. Onboard the sleeper train to Agra, you’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with fellow travellers as you head to this opulent city.
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Dalmatian Island Hopping

During this Dalmatian Island Hopping tour, all transfers between islands are by public ferry thanks to Croatia’s excellent network of Fast Cats. The first of our Dalmatian Island stops is Hvar, where your Explore Leader will take you for sundowners at a bar overlooking the harbour. The ferry also brings us past the rugged mountainous coastline as we head towards Dubrovnik, where you’ll have the option to kayak around the imposing city walls.
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Thai Island Hopping

Our Thailand Island Hopping adventure begins with an overnight train journey from Bangkok to Trang, the gateway to the stunning Southern Andaman Islands. From here you’ll explore the turquoise waters by public ferry, not only providing breathtaking views but also bringing you up close to stunning forests and beaches. With so many islands to visit, each with fantastic opportunities to snorkel, public transport is the perfect way to get the most out of Thailand.
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Highlights of Northern Italy

Soaking up a multitude of Italian highlights as we travel from Rome to Venice, our main mode of transport during this trip is by train. However, we’ll also make use of Italy’s ferry services between the charming towns dotted around Lake Como, including Bellagio - the ‘Pearl of Lake Como’. On our final stop on the route in Venice, we’ll head to San Giorgio Maggiore Bell Tower via water bus to take in an incredible bird’s eye view back over the city.

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Barcelona, Provence and the Italian Riviera

Numerous journeys on this Grand Tour of Spain, France and Italy are taken by train, giving us the chance to take in sweeping views as we hop from one country to the next. Beginning with a train journey from Barcelona, Spain to Carcassonne, France, you’ll take a walk around a mediaeval hill top town, boasting beautifully preserved architecture. The Italian Riviera awaits after our train journey from France, giving you a day to explore the colourful and iconic Cinque Terre villages.

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Simply Peru

Half of our journey time spent on this two-week, all-encompassing Highlights of Peru trip will utilise the local public transport. From day two we’ll hop on a public coach departing from Lima to the mountain valleys of Nazca, passing some of the world’s driest regions before taking the opportunity to marvel at the phenomenal Nazca Lines. Later in the trip, we’ll travel to Aguas Calientes by train, following the Urubamba River to this small town that sits among Peru’s clouds.

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Marrakech Express - London to Morocco by Train

The London2 rail tours are an obvious choice for those looking to experience an ultimate adventure by train. As you travel from London to Morocco overland over 19 days, you’ll stop off in quaint, charming villages en route to San Sebastian, as well as vibrant and bustling cities such as Segovia and Marrakech. There’s plenty of free time to enjoy each stop, but much of the trip's pleasure comes from taking in the changing scenery from onboard each train as you travel, watching Europe change into Africa.

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