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Tell us about yourself

I am from Italy but currently living and working in Japan. I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese language, culture and society and have been studying them for the last ten years. I've always been fascinated by this wonderful country so I decided to move here in 2019. While I was studying for my second degree in Japanese language I started working part time as a Tour Leader for a bus tour company. I fell in love with it so I decided to get a license and make it my full time job. Since then I have guided people from all over the world around the whole country sharing my love and passion for this amazing culture!

Which Explore tours do you lead?

At the moment I lead Simply Japan, Shogun Trail and A taste of Japan.

How long have you worked for Explore?
I've been working with Explore since July 2022.

What is your favourite local food?
My favourite food in Japan is sukiyaki! It's a type of hotpot, nabe-ryori in Japanese, in which thinly sliced wagyu and pork are cooked with seasonal vegetables and tofu in a delicious soy sauce based broth. Once you're done cooking all the ingredients you add noodles in the pot to soak in all the flavours. My favourite part though is that the food is shared making it a very heartwarming (and delicious) experience! 

Trips led by Giulia

Japan | Discovery | Trip code JPH
8 Days
Was From CHF 3995
Now from
CHF 3471
Flights not included
Best Seller
Japan | Discovery | Trip code JS
12 Days
Was From CHF 5757
Now from
CHF 5364
Flights not included
Japan | Food and Drink | Trip code XJF
12 Days
Was From CHF 5888
Now from
CHF 5692
Flights not included

What do you most love sharing with Explore groups?

My favourite thing to share with my groups is the connection between traditional and pop culture. Of course I am deeply interested in Japanese traditions but I strongly believe that culture didn't cease to exist a hundred years ago. Pop culture is a fundamental part of Japanese history and society and it is a lot more important than most people think. Did you know that Hello Kitty started a feminist revolution in the mid '90? 

What are you most proud of in your country?
Safety, cleanliness and kindness are probably what makes me more proud about Japan. My groups are always so surprised and pleased when they use a public toilet in Tokyo for the first time! 

What do travellers find most surprising when they visit?
Besides the toilets travellers are usually surprised about how tasty and affordable food is! There is this common misconception about Japanese food being mostly overpriced raw fish but that is not true! Public transportation is also a big one, it's so efficient and comfortable that most of the time it's better than a private bus!