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Tell us about yourself

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, an avid traveller myself and having lived in Tokyo for 6 years. Having been a tour leader myself for over 10 years now, I used to live in Vancouver, BC and led tours through the Canadian Rockies in Western Canada. In 2018, I decided to move to Japan to experience living and working as a tour guide in Japan, and I began leading for Explore as soon as the border opened following after the pandemic. 

Which Explore tours do you lead?

Explore Simply Japan, Highlights of Japan, Walk Japan, Sapporo Snow Festival of Hokkaido. 

How long have you worked for Explore?
2 years and counting!

What is your favourite local food?
Okonomiyaki, a savoury Japanese style pancake made with loads of vegetables, fresh seafood and meat, handmade from scratch and grilled right in front all the diners by the chef on a large metal grill plate that usually runs the entire length of the open kitchen inside the restaurant.

Trips led by David

Japan | Food and Drink | Trip code XJF
12 Days
Was From CHF 5888
Now from
CHF 5692
Flights not included
Japan | Discovery | Trip code JPH
8 Days
Was From CHF 3995
Now from
CHF 3471
Flights not included
Japan | Discovery | Trip code JIF
11 Days
Was From CHF 5430
Now from
CHF 5037
Flights not included
Best Seller
Japan | Discovery | Trip code JS
12 Days
Was From CHF 5757
Now from
CHF 5364
Flights not included
Best Seller
Japan | Discovery | Trip code QJS
14 Days
Was From CHF 4977
Now from
CHF 4453
Flights not included
Japan | Walking and Trekking | Trip code WJP
12 Days
Price from
CHF 5495
Flights not included

What do you most love sharing with Explore groups?

The unplanned magical moments along the way – random interactions with locals hanging out in the park, stumbling upon a local festival and partaking in the parade procession, the time when a torrential rain forced us to seek shelter in a neighborhood shrine and listening to the magical sounds of thunder and rain washing the world away while we had the entire shrine to ourselves, and all the shared meal gatherings where we dined in local neighborhood restaurants, enjoying good food with good company and plenty of rounds of drinks.

What are you most proud of in your country?
Impeccably clean, safe, and punctual, the train network is something we use regularly throughout all itineraries when travelling with Explore in Japan. Train travel is an integral part of the experience when visiting Japan. It is a great way to see the world go by as we travel through rural countryside, watching farmers planting rice and fruits, and coasting by the seaside, watching the tidal waves flow and recede. It is also comforting to know that we are contributing to a sustainable future.

What do travellers find most surprising when they visit?
With a population of 37 million people in Greater Tokyo region, you don't see traffic jams snarling through the city constantly, and the pavements are clean and tidy all the time even though garbage cans are so difficult to find! 

Customer reviews

David is an outstanding tour leader. He led this trip so well and made sure everyone had an amazing time. His patience and understanding were fantastic and his local knowledge of the areas we visited was extremely valuable and ensured we got the maximum benefit from this fabulous trip. We have travelled with Explore extensively and David is one of your very best guides.

- Explore customer